Soliciting onedays pension towards cm’s flood relief

Well, no more education is needed to the esteemed members of Kurta, when it comes to the devastation we saw in south central kerala in last week. We created a what’s app group to communicate the acct no and ifsc code of account in the pongumood branch of SBI and in the name dr gopalakrishna pillai. Kindly consider transferring an amount equivalent to a days pension as early as possible. Thank u in advance for your cooperation.

Dear friends

The prompt by our working president about not celebrating Onam this year, when notified to the friends of Kurta, all nodded in agreement. Now we need to think in terms of a donation to the cm disaster relief fund. I am inviting ideas. One of the mechanisms can be open a bank account, make members transfer funds there, and finally transferring the fund to cm relief fund? What do you all say about this proposition….

The distressed lot of kerala.

I have a feeling that the members of Kurta can put together a contribution of a days pension and contribute the sum to cm s relief fund. Think about it. Along side our Onam feast we can probably get the kitty fully filled and the president can send the draft or transfer the fund. This disaster is an unparalleled one in the history of kerala…

7th cpm linked pay revision

Yesterday there was a release to the press by the federation of univ college teachers approaching the govt to initiate urgent steps in pay revision of teachers as it happened only in 2006 and hence it is over due.. I am not sure what little support we could offer to this cause as it is primary to the revision of our own pensions..

Dear fellow Kurta ns

The 31st aug.2018 has been identified as the Noam feast day for all members to meet and greet. We shall meet as usual say by 12:00 noon, in one of the hotels in Tvm where we have enough parking space and central location. Dr pillai and Secretary will finalize the venu and inform all our esteemed members on time. This note is to help u to block off the date for our luncheon meet..happy onam to all Kurta ns

Prof . Sivadasan of dept of education is no more in this earthly abode

This gentleman professor educationist died yesterday and the mortal remains are confined to flames in thycad crematorium to day at 11:00 am according to the family. Kurta members were prompt in paying the sincere respect and regard to this colleague..may his soul Rest In Peace.

Health insurance for pensioners

The university of kerala finance department is collecting data from pensioners in order to included the pensioners in a health insurance scheme. The last date was providing data was 25 July 2018, I filed soft copy yeasterday and hard copy with pan and aadhar copies in hard copy today. All who missed deadline anywayfile the data. The Kufin pension spot page has part of pensioner data at the bottom of screen…

Seventh pay commission aligned Ugc pay

Good news is the state govt is asking the univ and colleges to workout the financials of pay and pension revision of all falling under the Ugc pay bands. Good news. But need to do some ploy correction forcing not to peg max pension at the level of addl sec in secretariat..

The Ugc is scrapped and a substitute is put in its place.

The legacy organization like u g c that charted the course of univ education in our nation, could not claim anything glamorous about modern Indian science. Consequently this time n d a govt decided to replace it with a committee devoid of the monetary clout of Ugc.

The past governments sat and watched all u g c like bodies to do their work without any self check on quality. Hence the higher edu products finally reached a stage of no practical use to themselves or the nation. The new commission may be directed to model Indian univ education at par with that of our Asian big brother the China..China has done wonderfully well in this sector, since the days of Deng..

Inching toward Ugc rate pension forte teachers of kerala under the Ugc program

To day oneimportant news in front page was, that state has ordered payment of temparory or guest teachers at the rates prescribed by the Ugc . It is a signal that higher edu dept is in the grip of the issue and we might be blessed with revised pension before the end of this financial year…feel good about it dear senior fellow retirees and friends