The stairs or so called footboard in buses unfriendly to middle and oldageds

Strangely the top brasses in thegovt or management luckily have tax payer paid for cars. But the oldaged feel the strenuous ordeal of climbing in or out of such public transport. The rise and runs are too big. It is seniorunfriendly. Remedy this for the sake of seniors. These are only couple of thoughts on the agency led abuse of seniors. The cyber world is enabling new avenues of service to the seniors….

Prof. P k b nair organized a evening oneway talk session on seniors abuse on 15 June 18 in y m c a hall.

Well speeches went on. People talked about what govt agencies have been doing to ameliorate. I felt two types of abuse of seniors of which I also belong. My immediate concern was about little thing the govt or agencies can remedy immediately. I meant the hazardous road crossings. The eastfort bus transit sector. All people or not seniors. But it is a hazardous point anyway. At least a two or three meter zebra painted crossing is urgent. Instead of current just little more than one meter. This might reduce the monthly sacrifice of old humans while crossing. No speaker or listener felt this urgency.

Govt. sanctions release of 1% of da. Univ pensioners also can smile.

In fact da release is not the end of the solutions. We pensioners still go with unrevised pension since 2006. The real reason is our counter parts in active service is rather quiet instead of demanding pay revision. Only then the pensioners will benefit. At this old age we can sit looking outward or skyward watching developments on govt mercy …

Sad demise

Prof. E t Mathew is bereaved now. Mrs Prof. Mathew, retired from women’s college trivandrum as professor economics died on the past Friday (27th April, 2018) as was reported in the print media. I visited their home in Gandhi Nagar on Sunday as a rep of the kurta. Prof. E t Mathew was with the dept of economics, univ. Of kerala, kariavattom campus. Further this professor had earned a ph d from the Vanderbilt university, Tennessee …